Picture Lab Day 5: Modifying a Picture (not complete)

You will write methods in the Picture class that modify digital pictures. The Picture class inherits from the SimplePicture class and the SimplePicture class implements the DigitalPicture interface as shown in the Unified Modeling Language (UML) class diagram in the figure .


Figure 1: A UML Class diagram

A UML class diagram shows classes and the relationships between the classes. Each class is shown in a box with the class name at the top. The middle area shows attributes (instance or class variables) and the bottom area shows methods. The open triangle points to the class that the connected class inherits from. The straight line links show associations between classes. Association is also called a “has-a” relationship. The numbers at the end of the association links give the number of objects associated with an object at the other end.

For example, in Figure 5 it shows that one Pixel object has one Color object associated with it and that a Color object can have zero to many Pixel objects associated with it. You may notice that the UML class diagram doesn’t look exactly like Java code. UML isn’t language specific.


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