8.8. College Board Labs for 2D ArraysΒΆ

The Picture Lab is a fun lab that you started in 8.2 and can finish now. These activities are to introduce you to how digital pictures are represented on a computer. We will cover many concepts including the RGB color model which you were introduced to in 8.2.6. Further topics covered will range megapixels, binary numbers, image manipulation, and simple edge detection.

As a quick refresher on digital images, each point of color is called a pixel and they are arranged in rows and columns to form a 2d array. Each pixel is recorded using the RGB color model. We can store values for red, green, and blue, each ranging from 0 to 255. Unlike mixing paints, which is subtractive (light gets absorbed more with more mixing), the computer display is additive (you are actually adding light rather than absorbing it). Java represents color using the java.awt.Color class. You can try practicing modifying colors in the aforementioned lab in 8.2.6.

The following picture lab pages are currently being edited and are not yet complete.

There is also a new College Board 2019 extension of this lab called the Steganography Lab. The teacher guide and the code files are available in the AP Course Audit Portal.

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