1.1. Instruction format

ARM instructions generally take the form:

ADDrd, rn, #

Things like rd or rn are shorthand for register. They may normally be any of the general purpose registers like r1, r2, r3,…. rd stands for “destination” register - it is typically the register that gets modified by the instruction. The other letters, like n or m in rn or rm are meaningless placeholders. It is usually possible for the destination register to be the same as one (or multiple) of the source registers.

The # stands for an immediate value - a literal number. Litterals always start with a # and may be written as:


ADD     r1, r1, #10
ADD     r3, r4, #0xFF
ADD     r5, r5, #0b11111111
ADD     r6, r6, #'A'
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Multiline comments are surrounded by /* */ and single line comments start with @:

/* This is a
   multiline comment

ADD     r1, r2, #10  @line comment
@line comment
ADD     r1, r2, #10
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